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Can I take my collapsible wheelchair or scooter on a standard Shore Experience?

Yes, provided that the wheelchair or scooter can be collapsed and stored in the hold of the coach and that you are able to climb a few steps to board the coach. Please note that you or your companion are responsible for collapsing the wheelchair or scooter and placing it on to the coach.

We do advise that if you are taking a wheelchair or scooter on any of our tours, that you choose choose suitable experience s from those listed under 'My Cunard.'


Providing the tour is suitable for guests with reduced mobility (check the 'important information' section of your chosen shore ex) and your wheelchair or scooter collapses, it can be stored in the coach's hold. Please note you or your companion are responsible for collapsing the wheelchair or scooter and placing it on to the coach. You must also be able to climb the steps onto the coach.

If you are unable to climb the steps to board the coach, please see Can you arrange shore experiences using adapted vehicles for those with mobility issues?


The mode of transport often used in the Caribbean is minibus, which will vary in size and age from port to port. Open sided buses may also be used and these may have high steps to negotiate. Please be aware that scooters/ wheelchairs or buggies cannot be stored in the minibuses as there are no storage facilities.

The mode of transport used for each experience will be noted in the Tour Description via My Cunard and the Holiday Information booklet.

At US mainland ports of call, the tours are likely to use coaches and your wheelchair or scooter can be stored within the hold providing it is collapsible (if a minibus is used, then this will be stated in the Tour Description.)

Wheelchair accessible minibuses are only available in a few ports of call and can only accept full time manual wheelchair users for safety reasons, the only exception to this is Barbados as they have larger buses. For all regular tours, from the main shore experience programme, you would be required to leave your wheelchair on the ship as there are no storage facilities at the quay side.


Wheelchair and scooters users have the following options:

  • Go ashore independently
  • Take a taxi to where they wish to go (the Tours Desk on board can assist in arranging this)
  • Take a regular tour, from the main shore experience programme, however you would need to consider the amount of walking involved, this is indicated in the 'important information' section of each shore experience.

Guests who are able to board a coach by the steps are referred to the individual shore experience descriptions, which are set out to offer practical advice based on Cunard’s operating experience. Generally, full size coaches are able to accommodate small, collapsible scooters and /or manual wheelchairs (a limited number per coach). The coach driver is, however, unable to assist with the loading of scooters or wheelchairs into the vehicle. Where minibuses / trolley trains are used to operate shore experiences, the storage space is insufficient to be able to accommodate wheelchairs or scooters.


You are strongly advised to read the experience description to ensure that your chosen experience is suitable for your individual personal requirements. Further advice on the suitability of experiences is available from the Tour Office on board. Taxis are usually available for hire close to the ship’s berth should guests wish to travel independently (where permitted within local Covid-19 requirements). Guests who use a wheelchair and those who are not fully mobile may be restricted from going ashore at ports where launches are necessary. Prior to requesting your shore experience, please check if launches will be used to go ashore. You are reminded that wheelchair assistance, if required, will be provided to assist guests on and off the ship’s gangway only.

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