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Are there swimming pools on board and what are the opening times/size?

There are a number of pools on each ship please see details below:

Queen Mary 2

Minnows Pool - (Dedicated kids pool) - 5.5m width, 8m length, 1.3m to 1m depth. Located outside on
Deck 6. Heated to 29°C. Has 2 ladders with 3 steps for each ladder.
Canyon Ranch Spa Pool - (Indoor Pool) - 5m width, 6m length, 1.5m depth.  Located on Deck 7.
Heated to 34°C. - Has 2 ladders with 6 steps for each ladder.
Charges apply for use of the Spa.

Terrace Pool - (Outside pool- Adult only) - 5.5m width, 8.5m length, 1.62m to 1.4m depth.  Located on Deck 8.
Heated to 28°C. Has 2 ladders with 4 steps for each ladder, but 6 steps to enter the pool area. 

Pavilion Pool - (Outdoor pool with retractable roof) - 4.8m width, 7.5m length, 1.62m to 1.38m depth.  Located on Deck 12. Heated to 30°C. Has 2 ladders with 5 steps for each ladder.

Splash Pool - (Outside pool) -  4.8 width, 7.5m length, 0.16m depth.  Located on Deck 13.
Heated to 28°C to 30°C. Has 2 ladders with 1 step per ladder.

All pools are open between 7am to 10pm and are netted at night, during maintenance and heavy seas.

Queen Elizabeth & Queen Victoria

Pavilion Pool - (Outside pool) - 5m width, 10m length, 1.7m to 1.2m depth.  Located on Deck 9.
Heated to 27°C to 28°C. Has 2 ladders, 1 with 4 steps and 1 with 6 steps

Lido Pool - (Outside pool - Adult only) - 5m width, 8.5m length, 2.1 to 1.5m depth.  Located on Deck 9.
Heated to 27°C to 28°C. Has 2 ladders with 6 steps per ladder.

Hydrotherapy Pool - (Indoor pool within the Spa) - 7m width, 7m length, 1.5 to 1.2m depth.  Located on Deck 9.  Kept at 35-28°C "Body Temperature" - Has 8 steps into the water
Charges apply for use of the Spa.

Queen Anne

Pavilion Pool - (Outside pool) - details TBC

Aft Sun Deck Pool - (Outside pool) - details TBC

Thermal Suite Pool (Indoor pool within the Spa) - details TBC


On some ships there will be designated pools for use by adults only.  All children must be toilet trained before using any of the pools on board.  Due to public health regulations, children in nappies, swim nappies, pull-ups and those who are not completely toilet trained are not permitted to use the pools on board.  All pools are unsupervised and children under the age of 16 years are to be supervised by a parent or adult carer at all times.

Opening times

All pools are open between 8am and 9pm. The exception to this is the Hydropool which is open between 8am and 8pm.
All pools and jacuzzis are netted at night, during maintenance and heavy seas.


Fresh water is in the swimming pools although there is generally less chlorine then typical pools located shore side.

On Queen Mary 2 we do allow the use of pool inflatable's such as lilos however, we ask that you do not use these if the pool is busy to allow room for other guests.

On Queen Elizabeth and Queen Victoria inflatable's are not allowed. Use of arm bands or inflatable rings for children are allowed.

Paddling pools are not permitted on board.


You may find the following question useful - Is there a hoist available for pool use?

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