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Why are there no Shore Experiences/Excursions in...?

In some destinations there is not the infrastructure to offer excursions, or there are limited Tour Operators or guides. Examples of such places include:

  • Ny Ålesund, Spitsbergen.
    No excursions are operated in Ny Ålesund. Ny Ålesund is almost only inhabited by scientists, and there is no infrastructure for excursions and no guides.

    Ny Ålesund can offer a few amenities for guests - for example: a small shop and a post office etc. It is not permitted to venture out of the small settlement. This is mainly due to safety as there is a potential threat from wild animals like the polar bear, but also there is concern about the vegetation. as it is very vulnerable.

    You will be given full information on the area once you are on board and will have the opportunity to go ashore independently.


  • Catalina Island
    At Catalina Island there are no organised shore excursions as the island is very small and there is no infrastructure to support organised shore excursions. You can take the ships tender to the beach, where you can lounge in the sun and explore. When you have enjoyed your time ashore make your way back to the ship using the ships tender. Further information regarding Catalina Island will be provided to you once you are on board.

The port of call is showing as an option to select on my Cruise Personaliser or My P&O Cruises, however no shore excursions are available to book

The reason for this may be because the port of call is an embarkation/disembarkation port. Although this may not be the case for your itinerary, these excursions are only bookable on board.


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