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What is My Voyage and how do I use it?

Once on board, guests can access My Voyage, our on board digital planner, for free once with no need to purchase an internet package, via their own smart device (mobile phone or tablet). With My Voyage, guests will have the power to personalise their experience from the comfort of their cabin, sun lounger, wherever!

Before guests sail, they can pre-book experiences with My Cunard but once on board, My Voyage allows them to customise it in real-time.

There are plenty of features available to our guests including: 
  • Viewing on-board transactions at the touch of a button
  • Making a dining reservation in advance at a time that suits
  • Virtual queuing (meaning more time to enjoy themselves while we prepare their table)
  • Browse and book shore experiences
  • Checking their online diaries for a reminder of pre-booked activities
  • Link to SeaConsult for medical assistance.
  • Pre-booking entertainment
  • Viewing sample menus
  • Puchasing internet packages


Please note: Guests do not have to use My Voyage – there is also a dedicated on board reservations line they can call from their stateroom.

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