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What is the door width of my cabin?

Stateroom door widths are listed below. Please note that these sizes apply to a majority of staterooms, however some exceptions apply. For specific details, please call our Customer Contact Centre (please visit our website for contact details) or your local Travel Agent.


Queen Elizabeth:

Princess Grill / Standard inside /outside staterooms - 61cm
Queen Grill suite - 87cm
Adapted staterooms - 87cm

Queen Mary 2:

Duplexes & Suites - 76cm
Queen Grill suite - 65 cm
Princess Grill - 61 cm
Standard inside / outside stateroom - 61 cm
Adapted stateroom - 81 cm

Queen Victoria:

Standard inside / outside stateroom - 60cm
Princess Grill - 60 cm
Queen Grill suite - 82cm
Adapted stateroom - 85cm


If the guest is bringing a mobility aid in a standard stateroom, the mobility aid (manual wheelchair/electric folding wheelchairs only) must fold to less than 51cm and guest will need to fold the mobility aid to access the stateroom.

If the guest has booked an accessible stateroom, the mobility aid must be less then 79cm in order to fit through the stateroom door.

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