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Can you provide food for babies and infants?

Yes, we can provide Hipp & Hipp Organic baby food jars - Stage 1 (4 months +) and Stage 2 (7 months +) in an assortment of savoury and dessert flavours. Alternatively, we can puree/mash adult food from the main restaurant menu. 

For younger babies or guests requiring an alternative brand they will need to provide their own. All baby food requests are subject to availability and we cannot guarantee particular brands

Please ensure you advise our Customer Contact Centre (please visit our website for contact details) of your requirements at time of booking. 

There is no extra charge for arranging baby foods and the above options can be taken to your cabin.

Bottle warmers and sterilisers are available upon request.

Baby Food Varieties

Babyfood Apple Apricot yoghurt  7 months Hipp
Babyfood Apple Blueberry dessert  4 months  Hipp
Babyfood Apple Pear pudding  4 months  Hipp
Babyfood Banana Peach desert 4 months  Hipp
Babyfood Cottage pie  7 months  Hipp
Babyfood Mango Banana yoghurt  7months  Hipp
Babyfood Mixed Veg dinner 4 months  Hipp
Babyfood Spag Bol  7 months  Hipp
Babyfood Apple & Banana Fruit Pot    Hipp
Babyfood Vege chicken noodle  7 months  Hipp
Babyfood Vege Lasagne  7 months  Hipp
Babyfood Sweet Squash & Chicken    Hipp
Babyfood Vege with rice and noodle  4 months  Hipp
Juice Baby Mixed Fruit  4 months  Hipp
Milk Baby SMA Progress  6-12 months  SMA

Additional Information

Please click here for further details on how to request baby food on CCS.

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