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What is a Gala Evening / Celebration Night?

Whilst we ask that you wear smart attire every night on board, Gala Evenings are the chance to dress to impress and celebrate with us. Every voyage we will host Gala Evenings. As a guide there are approximately two per week. As well as your gala evening attire to think about, we also have some very special themes for some of these evenings, where should the fancy take you, you can dress to match the theme and impress at:


Black & White Gala Evening:

A refined, timeless and elegant celebration to begin your memorable voyage with Cunard.  Eye-catching with a simple monochrome theme, the iconic black and white celebration will be brought to life as the atmosphere is heightened across the ship on board the legendary Cunard Queens.

Dress code: Guests are invited to wear a simple combination of black and white elegant finery to complement the black and white theme of the evening.

Roaring 20s Gala Evening:

Recall the era of flappers, jazz and fun with this playful take on the exuberant, decadent culture of the 1920s.  In a decade when people defied Prohibition and indulged in new and frivolous styles of dressing and entertainment, Cunard is delighted to recreate this heady atmosphere against the glamorous backdrop of the Cunard Queens.

Dress code: Guests are invited to wear elegant gala evening attire and to enhance it, if they wish, with embellishments that embrace the spirit of the Roaring 20s.

Red and Gold Gala Evening:

A new glamorous, elegant and regal theme to complement your voyage with Cunard.   Celebrating Cunard’s rich heritage and identity, the Red & Gold Gala Evening will reflect the red and gold colours seen throughout Cunard’s iconic livery and sumptuous interiors.

Dress Code: Guests are invited to wear a simple combination of red and gold elegant finery to complement the effortless theme which will be visible throughout the ship.

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