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How do I check in for my flight?

Please ensure the names on your travel documents are as per your passport. If you need to make any changes, please call our Customer Contact Centre on 03453 550 300 (local call charges apply).  Incorrect name details could result in you being denied boarding by the airline, as security checks are usually carried out 24-48 hours in advance of flight departure.

You should also ensure that your passport details are entered into My Cunard to avoid any delays at check-in.

Scheduled Flight check-in

  • Check-in times vary by airline; we recommend that you check your airline’s website before you travel. Your flight details can be found either on your Flight Confirmation or on My Cunard (Voyage Personaliser). 
  • It may be possible to check-in online for your flight, depending on the airline you are flying with. Online check-in usually opens around 24 hours before departure; however, some airlines open their online check-in earlier.
  • Please note that some airlines charge for airport check-in when an online option exists, so we recommend that you check in online where possible.
  • You will require an airline locator to check-in. Please call our Customer Contact Centre on 03453 550 300 (local call charges apply) where this can be provided to you.

For further information you may find the following question useful: Can I pre-purchase specific seats on my flight?

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