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Once I am on board, what purchases can I use my on board spending money against?

On board spending money may be used against:

On board spending money cannot be used against:

  • Purchasing shore experiences prior to embarkation via My P&O Cruises
  • Purchasing restaurant cover charges prior to embarkation via My P&O Cruises
  • Purchasing spa treatments and services prior to embarkation via My P&O Cruises
  • Purchasing internet packages prior to embarkation via My P&O Cruises
  • Visas that require payment
  • Medical charges (including services, prescriptions and supplies)
  • Cash back
  • As full or part payment against a future cruise or charter flight seat reservations and upgrades
  • Ad hoc gratuities
  • Foreign currency
  • On-board gaming (including the casino)*
  • Charitable donations
  • Shore experience cancellation charges

*With the addition of the Arcade on board Ventura, this falls under the jurisdiction of the casino - therefore the use on on board credit is not permitted. 

Please note on-board spending money is non-refundable and no cash alternative available. It may not be spent prior to embarkation.

Gift credit is deducted from on-board account totals, prior to any applicable Peninsular Club discount.

For example, if you on-board account total is £150 and you have £50 gift credit available, the Peninsular Club discount will be deducted from the remaining £100.

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