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Can I bring items of food or drink on board?

We do not encourage food and drink to be brought on board, as we would like to think that all your culinary desires are more than adequately catered for on our ships.

We recognise that there may be particular favourites or special dietary requirements that you may need to enjoy a holiday.

In limited circumstances we would allow you to bring food and beverages on board but please note the following:

  • Perishables are not permitted: although there are fridges in cabins these are not temperature monitored and we cannot guarantee that they will keep foods at the correct temperature for safety.
  • All items must be strictly for personal consumption, kept wrapped or sealed and not allowed to create any risk to health or likelihood of pest infestation in cabins or any other areas.
  • Personal items may not be cooked for you on board, stored in the main stores or in any food room refrigerator or freezer.


There is a limit to the amount of alcohol you can bring on board.   For further information on bringing and consuming alcohol on board, please also view the question - Can I bring alcohol on board to consume in my cabin or in restaurants? and Can I consume my duty free purchase in my cabin and around the ship?

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