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What address should I enter in my ESTA?

What address should I enter for my ESTA application if I am on board a cruise ship

Port addresses aren’t something we know in advance as the berths are allocated by the port agent nearer to the time. They aren’t needed for ESTA applications, please see the possible scenarios below for completing the ESTA application.

  • If the guest is in transit, they can put in “transit” and the ship name
  • If the guest is disembarking and staying in the city for a bit, they need to put their hotel details
  • If the guest is disembarking and flying straight out on the same day, they can put “in transit” and list the ship name

If you are travelling to the US on board one of our ships and you are not staying ashore, you are classed as 'in transit' and can select this during the application process.

Alternatively you can select 'Unknown' and put the name of the ship as the 'Contact'. If you are staying in a hotel in the US either pre or post cruise - you should enter the hotel details.

If you have a forced overnight hotel stay before joining the ship, you will need to give the address of the hotel. Please note, this will only be available approximately 90 days before the voyage/embarkation date.

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