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What is included in the Iona, Britannia, Azura and Ventura Spa package?

Please see below for information on spa packages available on Iona, Britannia, Azura and Ventura.

Spa Packages

Iona, Britannia, Azura and Ventura Spa Packages

Spa packages can be pre booked as detailed via the links above and will give you access to The Retreat and Thermal Suite/Hydrotherapy Suite based upon the package you choose.  Where a cruise has two embarkation days, spa packages are split between the two days to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to book.

Spa packages are available for passengers aged 18 or over and must be booked no later than 14 days prior to departure.

Please note that sun loungers are on a first come first serve basis, some are in a shaded area.



Please note, the following restrictions apply to those with disabilities:

Fitness Classes - We are unable to offer these to those who are wheelchair confined or have restricted vision.

Access to the Thermal Suite - We are unable to offer access to the Thermal Suite to those passengers who are confined to a wheelchair or service animals.  On Britannia the Thermal Suite will be accessible however, the pool does not have a ADA hoist, only steps into the pool.

For those who are confined to a wheelchair, it is not possible to provide assistance onto the loungers in the Retreat. If you have a career, they would be granted free access to the Retreat when accompanying a wheelchair confined passenger purchasing a spa package, however they would not be able to obtain the benefits attached to the package.

You may find the following question useful:  What facilities and services does the spa and salon offer? & Are there swimming pools on board and what are the opening times? 


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