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Do you offer Port Presentations on board?

A Port Presenter is our destination expert who, on certain trades and itineraries, will host live talks in a variety of venues. Port Presentations are advertised in the Horizon if they are available. The overview will go over all the ports either in one session or will be split across other talks depending on number of ports of call. At times, these presentations can be recorded and played in cabin, subject to recording facilities being available.


The talk will inform guests of the following:

  • Where the ship will berth.
  • How far it is to the main town/city centre.
  • A little extra detail on local information such as history and currencies.
  • Information on popular tourist sites and safety guidance.
  • Update on the Shore Experiences available to purchase, including the features benefits and activity levels.


Port Presentations take place on longer duration cruises, including the World Cruise, but are not guaranteed and are subject to change. Arvia and Iona do not have Port Presenters due to the length of their itineraries.

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