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How many Black Tie/ Formal nights will there be?

This can vary from cruise to cruise depending on the number of nights you are on board. As a guide, there is approximately 1 Black Tie night during a 2-4 night cruise, 2 Black Tie nights during a 5-7 night cruise, 3 Black Tie nights during an 8-10 night cruise and 4 during an 11-14 night cruise.


For Iona the 7 night cruises will feature 1 Black Tie night, whilst the 14 night cruises will feature 2 Black Tie nights.


To view how many Black Tie evenings will take place on a specific cruise, and also what theme nights will be taking place, please see "What will the dress code be whilst I am on board?" for a full break down.

Please see "Is there a dress code on board?" for details of Dress Codes. 

Full details will be provided to you before you travel. 

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