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Does the dress code apply to all areas of the ship?

The dress code applies to a majority of public areas after 18:00. Suggested attire for dress codes can be found under the question 'Is there a dress code on board'.


The following venues will enforce the dress code of the evening:

Main Dining Restaurant, Intermezzo, The Crow's Nest, Meridian, Sindhu and Ocean Grill restaurants.

Main Dining Restaurant,  Anderson’s, The Crow's Nest, Alexandria, Medina, Sindhu and The Glass House restaurants.

Main Dining Restaurant, The Crow's Nest, Meridian, Zenith, The Epicurian, The Chef's table, Green &Co and Sindhu restaurants.

Main Dining Restaurant, Blue Bar, Planet Bar, Meridian, Peninsular, Oriental, Sindhu, The Glass House and The Epicurean restaurants.

Main Dining Restaurant, The Crow’s Nest, The Epicurean, Meridian, Peninsular, Oriental, Sindhu restaurants.

Main Dining Restaurant, The Crow's Nest, Opal, Pearl, Coral, Aqua, The Epicurian, The Chef's table and Sindhu restaurants.

Main Dining Restaurant, Red Bar, Metropolis, Cinnamon, Saffron, Bay Tree, Sindhu, The Glass House and The Epicurean restaurants.


Details of the Dress Codes for each cruise can be found under 'What will the dress code be whilst I am on board?'.

Travelling in the United Arab Emirates

Modesty in clothing is to be respected in this region, so make sure you pack plenty of light and loose clothing that covers the tops of your arms and legs. We advise ladies to avoid wearing any shorts or tight-fitting clothes and to take a head covering ashore. For further information, please visit the government Foreign travel advice website for advice regarding dress-codes.

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