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What will the dress code be whilst I am on board?

Dress Codes By Cruise

We have two evening Dress Codes on-board all our ships; Evening Casual and Black Tie. Details of these, by cruise, can be viewed via the links below. We also host Theme Nights, details of which can be found in the question - Do you have theme nights on board?. On theme nights, guests are invited to dress up in line with the theme. 

We don’t want to dampen anyone’s fun, but fancy dress and novelty items or clothing are not permitted on our ships; the only exceptions to this are clothing for official P&O Cruises theme nights and seasonal events such as Halloween and Christmas.

Any clothing that features inappropriate or offensive language, including novelty clothing with printed images or slogans, will not be allowed on board. We reserve the right to deny embarkation to guests who are inappropriately dressed. This policy does not apply to children aged 17 or under.


The dress codes listed below are subject to change therefore we are unable to advise what dates the formal nights will take place on in advance. So be sure to check your Horizon newspaper for full details, which will be delivered daily to your cabin on-board. 

Arcadia from cruise J814 through to J921
Arcadia from cruise J001 through to J019

Arcadia 2020 World Cruise Sectors

Aurora from cruise R818N through to R927
Aurora from cruise R001 through to R023

Azura from cruise A827 through to A932A
Azura from cruise A001 through to A026A

Britannia from cruise B828 through to B934D
Britannia from cruise B001 through to B028D

Iona from cruise G003 through to G021

Ventura from cruise N826 through to N938
Ventura from cruise N001 through to N043


Please note - Iona is still to be confirmed




Please note:

Details of dress codes can be obtained via the Cruise Personaliser or My P&O Cruises.

Please note, that this information is subject to change and final details will be confirmed on-board. 


Suggested Attire for Black Tie and Evening Casual nights

Details of suggested attire for Black Tie and Evening Casual nights can be found under the question "Is there a dress code on board?"




Further Information

Further information can also be obtained via the following questions: Does the dress code apply to all areas of the ship? 

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