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What restaurants are on each ship?

There are a number of different restaurents guests can enjoy on board our ships.

All restaurants on board are wheelchair accessible (table and chairs can be moved if additional space is required once inside the restaurant). Please note there may be some areas within the restaurants that cannot be accessed i.e due to a step.

There are 6 restaurants on Arcadia.

The main restaurant is the Meridian Restaurant. The Upper Meridian Restaurant on Prom Deck offers Club dining and the Lower Meridian Restaurant on F Deck offers Freedom dining.

The buffet restaurant is Belvedere which can be found on Lido Deck. You can also enjoy light snacks from two restaurants; Neptune Grill on Lido Deck and Cafe Vivo located on Prom Deck.

Select dining venues, offering a more intimate dining experience include; The Ocean Grill which is on F Deck and Sindhu located on Sky Deck; please note there are cover charges  at these select dining restaurants.


There are 7 restaurants on Aurora.

The main restaurants on Aurora are both located on E Deck. The Alexandria Restaurant offers Club dining and The Medina Restaurant offers Freedom dining.

The restaurant for buffet dining is The Horizon Restaurant, which can be found on Lido Deck.

Select dining includes three restaurants. These are the Beach House on Lido Deck and Sindhu and The Glass House found on D Deck. Please note there are cover charges at these select dining restaurants.

If you are looking for a light snack, you can visit the Sidewalk Cafe which also features a Costa and a 'Grab and Go' counter on Lido Deck.


There are 10 restaurants on Azura.

The main restaurants include The Peninsular Restaurant and The Oriental Restaurant which are located on F Deck. The Meridian Restaurant can be found on P Deck. The Peninsular and Meridian Restaurants offer Freedom dining. The Oriental Restaurant offers Club dining.

There are also buffet restaurants, Verona and Venezia which are on Lido Deck.

Alternate dining areas available, include; The Beach House (evening only) Sindhu and the Glass House which are located on Prom deck and Epicurean is found on Sun Deck. Please note there are cover charges at these select dining restaurants.

For lighter options, there is also a Pizzeria and Grill located on Lido Deck.


There are 10 restaurants on Britannia

The main restaurants are The Meridian and Peninsular which offer Freedom dining and The Oriental which offers Club dining. Located on decks 5 and 6.

You can enjoy buffet dining in The Horizon or opt for light snacks at the Grab and Go outlets on deck 16.

The Market Cafe by Eric Lanlard on deck 5.

For select dining, you can visit The Beach House on Lido deck, Sindhu and The Glass house on deck 7, The Limelight Club on deck 5 or our fine dining restaurant The Epicurean deck 16, Lido deck. Please note there are cover charges  at these select dining restaurants.


There are 14 restaurants on Iona

The main dining restaurants are the Aqua, Opal, Coral (located on Deck 6) and Pearl (located on Deck 7).

The Horizon buffet restaurant is located on Deck 16.

The Quays is a foodie piazza offering a great range of self service and takeaway venues with a lively atmosphere of street-food dining located on Deck 8.

The Keel and Cow (Gastro pub located on Deck 8), The Olive Grove (Mediterranean theme also on Deck 8), The Skydome on Deck 16 offers Pizzeria and Grill style food. 

Sindhu (Deck 8), Epicurean (Deck 17), The Beach House (Deck 16) The Glass House (Deck 7), The Limelight Club (Deck 6), are also on board.

Ripples - P&O Cruises exciting collaboration with Snowflake Luxury Gelato. Ripples will provide the perfect setting for a well-earned treat, day or night. A relaxed and family-friendly venue, it’s perfectly located at the top of the atrium with access to Promenade Deck if you’d like to savour the view as well as your gelato.

Al fresco dining:
The Olive Grove and Sindhu will have conservatory eating spaces but these will not be outside, There is an outside area at the aft of the ship next to the Horizion Restaurant (buffet).


There are 12 restaurants on Ventura.

On Ventura, there are three main dining restaurants. These are The Cinnamon Restaurant found on P Deck, The Saffron Restaurant and The Bay Tree Restaurant both located on F Deck. The Cinnamon and Saffron Restaurants offer Freedom dining and the Bay Tree Restaurant offers Club dining.

There are two buffet restaurants on Ventura, these are The Beach house and The Waterside. These are both located on Lido Deck.

Select restaurants include Epicurean on Sports Deck, Sindhu and The Glass House both found on Prom Deck and the Beach House on Lido Deck. Please note there are cover charges  at each of these restaurants.

For light snacks, Tazzine located on P Deck, Frankie's Grill and Frankie's Pizzeria both found on Lido Deck.

Please see Example menus and Opening Times for further details.


Children Dining Options

Children are welcome to dine in any of the dining areas on board. Meals are not provided in the children's facilities however, snacks are provided in the playrooms.

Children’s Tea

A designated children's tea will be provided in one of the restaurants on board, with parental supervision required. Further details and menus will be available on board.

child's menu is also available in the main dining rooms.

Children's tea parties take place at the following locations at the approximate times:

  • Azura 17:00 - 18:30 - Venezia (Starboard side)
  • Britannia 17:00 - 18:00 - The Horizon Buffet
  • Ventura 17:00 - 18:30 – Waterside

The above timings/locations may change due to operational reasons.

Full details will be supplied to you once on board.

Select Dining

Children are more than welcome to dine in our Select Dining Restaurants.

A children’s menu is not standard in these restaurants however please speak to the restaurant manager should your child have any special requirements.

Breast Feeding

As a family friendly organisation, we recognise the benefits of breast feeding to mothers and infants therefore breast feeding is welcome on board.

Baby / Infant Food

Please see question: Can you provide food for babies and infants?

Baby/Infant Equipment

For items such as bottle warmers, sterilisers and bed rails please see question: Can you provide baby/infant equipment?


Pre Booking Select Dining venues

Bookings can be made through Cruise Personaliser or My P&O Cruises from around four months prior to embarkation and for any duration of cruise.

Simply log on using your first name, surname, booking reference and date of birth. Once you have logged in you should visit the Dining heading on the menu ribbon and click on Select Dining.

All prices are subject to change and are per person, per occasion dining in a Select Dining restaurant. 

Please note: Select Dining venues can be very popular restaurants with a high demand for bookings. If you feel you may be unable to meet your dinner reservation, please notify us at least 24 hours before the time of your booking, to avoid the cancellation charge. A cancellation charge will not be applied if transferring to a different time / date.


Booking On board

You can also make your reservation once on board by speaking to the Maître d of the Select Dining venues. Please see Can I pre book dining? for details.

Whichever way you choose to make your reservation we suggest you make your booking as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.



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Additional Information

Please login to Complete Cruise Solution and select "Book and modify tab" and then select the option on the left hand side for the "CCS Booking Engine User Guide and How to Guides."

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