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Can I pre-purchase specific seats on my flights?

How guests pre-purchase flight seats varies depending on whether they are travelling on a chartered or scheduled flight:

Flight Seat Booker on selected charter flights

If guests are booked on one of our TUI or Jet2 Chartered flights, they will be able to pre-purchase their seats through My P&O Cruises. Flight Seat Booker will open approximately 14 weeks prior to departure and close approximately one week prior to departure.

To access Flight Seat Booker, log on to My P&O Cruises using the cruise booking reference. At the top of the page, find an option called "Flights", from there guests need to go to the bottom of the page and select "TO BOOK YOUR SEATS, PLEASE CLICK HERE". Guests will now need to log into the flight seat booking tool using their cruise booking reference. If flight seat booker is not available to book when they click on the login button, it will advise of this. This button will show flight details and the "Book Seats" button will be displayed. Guests will then be able to select and purchase seats.

Flight Seat Booker prices

The costs for pre-purchasing seats on our chartered flights are shown below. All seats are subject to availability. Prices are per person and per one way flight. 


Start date

End date

Standard seats

Emergency Exit seats

Canary Islands (Jet2) 21 October 2022 18 March 2023 £17.50 per person, per way £25 per person, per way
Caribbean (TUI) 04 November 2022 25 March 2023 £38.00 per person, per way £85.00 per person, per way
Mediterranean (TUI Airways) 30 March 2023 12 October 023 £20.00 per person, per way £27.00  per person, per way

* Flight Seat Booker Fee also applies for guests travelling in Premium Economy.


No refunds are available on seats purchased via Flight Seat Booker. 

Chartered Flights - Infants 0-2 years

An infant on a charter flight who is under the age of 2 years will always be assigned a seat next to an adult under the same booking reference and will receive the full baggage allowance. 

Emergency Exit seats

These are subject to availability and are only available to those guests who are fully mobile and over 16 years of age. Guests will be asked to confirm that they comply with the relevant terms and conditions prior to booking the seats. The airline reserves the right to move guests from Emergency Exit seats if they feel that the safety of guests and cabin crew may be compromised.

Changes to booked seat

Guests can amend seats booked through Flight Seat Booker up until eight days prior to departure. If their new seats are of greater value than the original seats selection, they will be required to pay the difference. No refunds will be given for seat selection of a lesser value.

If guests have pre-booked seats on a scheduled flight and wish to amend their selection, they should contact the airline directly for assistance.

Reduced mobility seating

Our chartered flights have a limited number of seats which are designated for those guests with reduced mobility. These seats are assigned one week prior to departure. Once we have received all "Your on board needs" questionnaires, they will be reviewed and priority will be given to those with the greatest need. The questionnaire must be returned no later than 14 days prior to departure.

Seating Information below for other airlines

Scheduled flights

The flight seats can only be reserved via the airline’s website.

For scheduled flights, this is only possible once flight tickets have been issued, which usually happens between six weeks and 10 days prior to departure. Ticket issue dates vary by airline and route.

Flight details can be found on the airline E-Ticket or by calling our Customer Contact Centre on 03453 555 111 (local call charges apply).

Jet 2 group allocation seats can be booked 60 days prior to dearture and this can be done though Jet 2's website - 

Jet2 scheduled seats can be booked using the locator on the air screen on polar, on


British Airways (BA) - All programmes

Pre-purchasing seats depends on the ticket type which can be identified on the airline E-Ticket. If the flight information includes an “airline locator” (airline booking reference), guests will be able to pre-purchase seats from approximately 30 days prior to travel. To pre-book seats, guests should visit "Manage My Booking" on the British Airways website and follow the instructions. Please note that additional charges may apply.

If the flight details do not include an airline locator, then guests will be booked on a British Airways “group seat”, in which case we can reserve flight seats approximately four days prior to departure. If guests have any specific requests, please call our Flights team in the Customer Contact Centre who will be able to assist, otherwise seats will be allocated during check-in at the airport.

Additional Information


Flight seat bookings on Flight Seat Booker are not commissionable.

Please note:

The Contact Centre's Advisor will ask for the guest's tour operator reference. Please advise your guest to state their tour operator followed by their booking reference (not travel agency). Failure to comply with this may result in a delay to process the request.

Other information required will be as follows:

  • All guests full names that are travelling on that booking
  • Dates of birth for all guests
  • Flight information, which includes flight number, route, times and dates
  • Contact details
  • Medical assistance


Travel Agents can call on behalf of the guest, however our Contact Centre Advisor may need to speak to the guest for data protection purposes. Please continue to refer to the website for general information.

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