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What do the letters mean when referring to a grade of accommodation?

There are many stylish, comfortable, home from home types of accommodation on a P&O Cruises ship, so, to distinguish them from one another we’ve given each cabin type a two letter code called a "cabin grade".

Different cabin types are given codes to distinguish them from each other. The first letter of the grade refers to the cabin type, the second to signify their location on the ship. In general, the earlier in the alphabet the letters are, the more preferential the cabin will be. For example, a CA Mini Suite is more desirable than a CB Mini Suite, as it's more midship.


The codes for the grades types are as follows: 

Cabin Ttpe 1st letter of grade
Penthouse A
Suite B
Mini Suite C
Superior Deluxe Balcony D
Deluxe Balcony E
Deluxe Sea View F
Balcony G or H
Balcony (Partially Obstructed View) I or J
Larger Sea View K
Sea View L
Sea View (Partially Obstructed View) M
Sea View (Obstructed View) N
Larger Inside O
Inside P
Single Balcony Q
Single Sea View (Outside) R
Single Inside S


Code Deck Position Location
A Mid Midships
B Mid Mid Aft or Mid Forward
B Upper or Lower Midships
C Upper or Lower Mid Aft or Mid Forward
D Mid Aft
E Upper or Lower Aft
E Mid Forward
F Upper or Lower Forward

The layouts of our ships are broken up into different sections to help you locate your cabin of choice. There is forward, mid forward, midship, mid aft and aft. This should then be combined with the location code:

Stateroom Grade Diagram

Neither of the letters in any code will relate to a specific deck. 

All cabins have showers. Cabins/Suites with baths have a shower over the bath or a separate shower cubicle.

Views of obstructed view cabins can be seen under the question "What do the obstructed views look like on.... <ship name>" 

Further information on the types of cabins and their locations can be viewed via the links below:


Full deck plans can be seen via "Can I see the deck plans?"

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