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Can I make a waitlist booking / add a waitlist option?

If there is no availability on your preferred cruise you may, where available, make a waitlist booking.

You may waitlist for more than one grade of cabin and you may also add a waitlist for a particular grade of cabin if you have a confirmed booking (for example, if you have booked an inside cabin and would have preferred a Sea View cabin but there was no availability at the time you booked)

Should a cabin become available, we will contact you to offer the cabin by email no later than two weeks prior to departure. If a cabin becomes available after this time, we will contact you by telephone. The fare will be confirmed to you when you call to accept the waitlist offer.

Please note that waitlist offers have an expiry date. This will be communicated to you by email at time of offering.

To make a waitlist booking, please call our Customer Contact Centre please visit our website for contact details.

Additional Information


To make a booking on a Waitlist via Polar Online, start to make a booking as normal. When you get to the cabin grade selection and are advised that no cabins are available, you will then be able to opt to make a waitlist booking.

Please login to Complete Cruise Solution and select "Book and modify tab" and then select the option on the left hand side for the "CCS Booking Engine User Guide and How to Guides."

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