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Can I make specific table requests in the main restaurant?

Specific table number cannot be requested on any fare.

Specific table type, such as table by the window can be requested only if the booking is a Select Fare. 

Specific table size can only be requested on Select Fare. Early Saver fares can submit a preference.  

All requests are subject to availability. 

Please do not email the Guest Services team with any dining requests as these cannot be fulfilled.


Table Requests for Wheelchair Users

Due to wheelchairs being different heights and widths it is not possible to pre request a wheelchair accessible table. There is the option for the passengers to request to sit close to the entrance of the restaurant for easy access. To request this please add the relevant dining code from the question: Please see How do I make a dining request on a booking?

The passenger should discuss their table requirements with the restaurant manager once on board.

Scooter users can typically walk into the restaurant and use the provided seats therefore the above may not be suitable.

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