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What is meant by 'guarantee' accommodation?

When you or your travel agent come to make a booking you may be offered the guarantee of a cabin type, rather than a specific cabin number. Accepting a guarantee means that you have a firm booking and can go ahead with your holiday plans in the same way as if you had accepted a specific cabin number from the outset.

When we allocate a cabin number you can rest assured you will be given a cabin in the grade you have booked, or, in some instances a higher grade. Please note that the cabin allocated can be on any deck and in any location.

The price you have been quoted will remain unchanged. If you are booking as a group, you may not be allocated cabins that are adjacent to one another.

For example, you may book an LF (Sea View (Outside) clear view) grade guarantee cabin, which means, you will be allocated at least an LF grade cabin or higher grade of Sea View (Outside) clear view cabin, which could be situated on any deck.  If you have a preference of cabin grade and where you would like to be positioned on the ship, you will need to book this cabin number.  We are unable to take any requests for cabin location when booking on a guarantee basis.

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