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Can I move to a different fare?

Moving from a Select Price fare to an Early Saver fare

Moving from a Select Price booking to an Early Saver fare booking would only be allowed if the fare was higher, for example moving from Select Fare inside grade to an Early saver Balcony. (If a guest wishes to go ahead with this please make sure they are made aware that they would lose all their Select Fare benefits, e.g Onboard Spending Money/Free Parking/Pre Cruise Information Pack/etc).


Moving from an Early Saver fare to a Select Price fare

It would be possible to move from an Early Saver booking to a Select Price booking as long as the fare is higher. This would be based on the cost of today's fare and guests would be entitled to receive the applicable promotions offered on the current select fare promotion. 



Please note, this is in relation to moving/upgrading on the same cruise and must be done no later than 90 days prior to departure. Speak to our Partnership Helpdesk in our Customer Contact Centre for more information. 

If a guest wished to transfer to a different cruise please see Can I transfer my booking?



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